Command Line

Tabs, items, clipboard and configuration can be changed through command line interface. Run command copyq help to see complete list of commands and their description.

To add new item to tab with name “notes” run:

copyq tab notes add "This is the first note."

To print the item:

copyq tab notes read 0

Add other item:

copyq tab notes add "This is second note."

and print all items in the tab:

copyq eval -- "tab('notes'); for(i=size(); i>0; --i) print(str(read(i-1)) + '\n');"

This will print:

This is the first note.
This is second note.

Among other things that are possible with CopyQ are:

  • open video player if text copied in clipboard is URL with multimedia,
  • store text copied from a code editor in “code” tab,
  • store URLs in different tab,
  • save screenshots (print-screen),
  • load all files from directory to items (create image gallery),
  • replace a text in all matching items,
  • run item as a Python script.